How a Ski Lease works

  • Ski Leases are reserved for the entire ski season.
  • Date of availability varies by property. (Mostly 4 or 5 months)
  • Monthly rent varies by property.
  • We can take automatic payments wired to our trust account, no more hassle with writing checks.
  • A 20% deposit is required to hold the property, this will be added to your deposit balance due if the lease is signed, otherwise, forfeit.
  • Full deposit and $50.00 processing fee is due upon lease signing.
  • 1st half of rent is due 60 days prior to occupancy.  The 2nd half of rent is due 30 days prior to occupancy.
  • Gas and Electricity must be transferred into the renter’s name 15 days prior to occupancy.
  • Internet, Cable, Snow Removal, Trash, Firewood, etc… “Pre-Paid” items shall be paid in advance to the homeowner (15-30 days).
  • List of all parties that will be utilizing the home/condo must be provided to the rental office.
  • Tenant must agree to and abide by all HOA rules if applicable.
  • Ski leases are not meant as, nor will they be rented as full-time winter residence.
  • A cleaning fee and carpet cleaning fee will be deducted from your deposit after your lease is up, to avoid extra cleaning charges please follow our End-of-Ski Lease Checklist.

Sample Ski Lease