ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES: Rentals begin at 4:00 PM on arrival day and terminate at 10:00 AM on departure day. Your keys will be in the lockbox located near the front door of your rental property, or under the front door mat. The lockbox code will be given in your reservation package.


A: If you cancel outside of 60 days your deposit will be debited for a $50.00 cancellation fee. Any pre-paid lodging fees will be refunded.
B: If you cancel 60 days or less prior to arrival the full amount of the rent will be forfeited. The tax, cleaning fee and deposit will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee.
C: If the property is rebooked to another party for the same rate and dates, all monies will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee.

You hereby agree you are accepting responsibility for any and all damages to the property and its contents, including, but not limited to repairs, fines/assessments, excess cleaning, eviction. You further agree that the costs of any repairs or replacements to said property will be charged to the credit card number provided at the time of booking. A $150.00 fee will be charged for lost or unreturned spa keys
or recreation passes.

CLEANING: You have been charged a cleaning fee as part of your reservation. These fees are based on the size of the house and standard times to clean the property as determined by the cleaning contractors. If the cleaning required exceeds what is considered “normal”, you will be charged for the additional cleaning. If you build a fire, please do not clean out the ashes. Hot ashes will be disposed of properly by housekeeping when cooled.

PETS: NO PETS ALLOWED except by previous arrangement for select properties. A fine will be assessed by some Homeowners Associations. You will be charged $250.00 and be given a request to immediately vacate the property for bringing unauthorized pets.

AUTOMOBILES: Most rental properties permit two cars per property. Inquire with the property manager. Additional or improperly parked cars may be towed. During the winter months (Nov. thru April) please do not park any vehicles on the street at rental HOME locations. This is prohibited by Placer County which imposes strict fines for violations.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: Boats and/or trailers, mobile homes, campers, all types of motorcycles, mopeds, and snowmobiles are prohibited from use and/or parking at the condominium developments.

RECREATIONAL KEYS/PASSES: A $150.00 fee will be assessed for any and all spa keys, recreation passes, and/or security gate passes
that are not returned, lost or stolen.

SLEEPING CAPACITIES: Individual properties sleep varying amounts of persons. No more persons than for which there are bona fide beds shall occupy a property. If you exceed the occupancy you will be charged a fine to be determined by management.

TELEPHONE/INTERNET: Some properties have phones. Most, but not all, of our properties provide internet service. It is your responsibility to ask management if the property you have rented provides internet service if this is an important feature for you.

CREDITS: Inconveniences over which we have no control and which do not warrant any refunds: breakdown of appliances or entertainment/recreational devices; internet/wireless connections; power, gas, cable outages; adverse road/weather conditions (does not include road closures exceeding 6 hours); construction taking place in the area; a property that is not decorated to suit one’s individual taste.

FIREWOOD: Firewood is not provided in most rental properties. You can purchase boxes and bundles of wood from the local grocery stores, Save Mart and Safeway or Swigard’s True Value Hardware.

SPA DISCLOSURE: If the property you have reserved has a hot tub on the premises, please be advised that hot tubs are a wonderful, pleasurable amenity if used correctly. They are, however, a very high maintenance item subject to a degree of downtime. Should the hot tub at the residence or development you’ve rented not be available during your stay, $25.00 per night will be the maximum basis for any rent adjustment. *Please do not add soaps, perfumes, oils, etc. to the spa as it could incur an extra cleaning charge.

A. Renter is responsible to report, upon arrival, any damages noted in the property. Said report to be made by phone 530-583-3723 or 800-222-5758 during business hours, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
7 days a week (except major holidays). If it’s after hours please feel free to leave a message.

B. Renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the contents of the property, including but not limited to furniture and furnishings. Owner and agent are not responsible for any loss or damage to property left on premises by a renter.

LOST & FOUND: We will try to locate any of your lost items as soon as possible and send them to you. Your credit card on file will be charged for the shipping fee and a $25.00 retrieval fee. Management is not responsible for any items left behind by renters or guests.